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smugmugMy name is Wichita Sao and I’m a  30 year old jack of all trades when it comes to PCs. Lately I’ve been buried up to my neck in SharePoint, most recently as a systems administrator and developer.   I would say my first calling has been as a web developer for many years working in Perl, PHP, JSP and ASP.NET.  Deep down I’m just a tinkerer, I like to understand how things work and have a passion for tweaking.  It’s this reason that I have a foot in both the admin and development camps.  While many on either side look at the other in disdain, I think understanding both sides helps you to be more effective at either one.  (Either that or I’m just my own worst enemy).  On top of that I don’t play favorites among platforms.  I started at an MS-DOS 3.31 prompt, worked my way to windows (3.1 – 2012), worked in the major flavors of Unix (many linux distros and Solaris), took a jaunt into Mac OS and came full circle back to Microsoft with an appreciation for all of the above platforms.

Outside of my professional career, I’m happily married with a beautiful new daughter.  These days you’ll find me buried in video games, dabbling in digital art, surfing the internet, or cooking.  On occasion you’ll see me hitting the ski slopes or fussing an abnormal amount over my car which is nothing close to a Lamborghini but is sporty enough to keep me happy (and under-powered enough to keep me out of trouble).

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Twitter: @chitasao
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Google+: skeets011
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