What a geek does on vacation

How does a computer geek spend his Christmas vacation?
a) Moving his WordPress blog to his own hosted domain which has been sitting idle for well over a year?
b) Firing VirtualBox back up and getting multiple copies of Linux, Android, OS X, Windows Server 2012, and Chrome OS running on a single machine?
c) Installing a standalone SharePoint 2013 instance?
d) All of the above?
Sadly, its d).

I’m a bit of a nut with trying out OSs, I’ve had VMs spread out amongst my gaming rig and laptop, and a little jonesing for some OS X love from the old third Gen iBook I had (yes white ibook, not macbook). So what better to do in my spare time away from work than to take inventory of all my VMs and get them up and running on the big rig now that the laptop has been sacrificed for a clean Windows 8 install?


Laptop: Windows 8 Pro x64
PC: Windows 7 x64 (Virtual Box host for the following) (4×8 host machine, 3.2Ghz AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE)
VM: Windows Server 2012 Standard x64 (SharePoint standalone farm – didn’t feel like installing full SQL yet…)
VM: Ubuntu 11.10 – Sandbox Ubuntu box – upgrading to 12.04 and likely on to 12.10.
VM: Ubuntu 10.04 – Hosting some old php projects that I need to migrate somewhere else more robust
VM: Android x86 – Jelly Bean tablet mode – haven’t tried this image yet
VM: AndroVM – Jelly Bean the easy way. Download, unzip, import into VirtualBox
VM: ChromeOS – ChromeOS machine that I haven’t touched in years, not even sure if it works (Snow Leopard since I’m running AMD hardware)
VM: OSx86 – I honestly don’t remember the building this but it booted to a fresh OS X Snow Leopard install

To Do:
Move the site off the old Ubuntu VM to the cloud and retire the machine
Pick which Android VM is easier to work with and retire the other
Verify/Update ChromeOS
Play around with SP 2013 if the win2k12 VM ever starts performing better…might be the guest extensions (video driver)
Build some additional browser testing machines – IE6/IE7/IE8/XP/Vista ?
Suggestions (besides getting a life and more RAM…)?

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