Things that would compel me to buy a smartwatch

1) self contained data connectivity that doesn’t cost me more than my kids college fund each month. You would think that at one point wireless bandwidth would be great enough that networks would no longer need to roll out new towers/technology and it would all become just paying for wear and tear of the network. It would become a utility and would just need maintenance and upkeep.

2) bioelectric charging – If I’m wearing it all day, why can’t it feed off my ridiculous metabolism. I’ll admit I have no idea if the human body could generate enough energy to power a device regardless of chip advances but wouldn’t it be awesome to never have to charge the thing.

3) Control for everything – the Internet of things is already in place and my watch is my easy button.

That said, I’d probably end up buying one much sooner than any of these are feasible, but sometimes it’s nice to think of the end game and not just the next step.

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